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We've squeezed years of digital direct marketing expertise into a team of talented developers, direct response creatives and planners to form an eCRM Centre of Excellence.

For all the excitement of SoMoLo and whatever the next big 'digital thing' is, email has long had an impressive record of delivering ROI and brand value. At Doner, we've invested in people as much as technology to help us build our capability and service our clients across the globe.

Take a look at some of the things that set us apart and if you're still not convinced, read our results in our case studies.

And if that's whet your appetite, why not give us a call?

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The science of email: 8 things that set us apart


1. We know what we're talking about

Doner has an email pedigree dating back to 2004, while the experience of our team members goes back even further. This experience covers everything from the strategic planning of email, through to technology and creative. This level of in-depth experience in eCRM is hard to find.

2. We have a unique blend of skills

We have the talent and experience you'd expect to find at a leading integrated agency. And it's just these sort of people that we get involved playing with emails, tweaking subject lines, and designing layouts. Put simply, we don't just 'bang an email out', we get our best planners and creatives to think about, and to craft every line and every image to ensure we're doing everything we can to maximise response.


3. We offer outstanding planning

Planning email campaigns isn't simple. It's so much more than just a business case. We offer a blend of good old-fashioned direct marketing planning, which looks at data and segmentation, combined with planning that focuses on creative messaging and proposition testing, all utilising the latest eCRM technology.

It's this level of planning that identified a segment of 'Promotional Peters' within an eCRM program for Travelodge. We calculated that these customers would only respond at certain price points, and to certain messaging. The result? Better ROI.

4. We can build your customer base

We believe eCRM is only as good as the data within. Building a database is much more than just a data capture opt-in on your homepage. It's integrated about social channels, tweaks to the actual business process, and in many cases, off to online datacapture campaigns.

Looking at the way data is acquired is important. Self-selection can help drive ROI from within the program itself, as can setting expectations at the point of sign up (e.g. showing people the email communications they will receive). Incentives can also play a part. If you know what to offer. And to whom!


5. We deliver

When we send an email we expect it to be delivered. To ensure this is always the case, we use a combination of experience and thorough testing. Experience means our creatives design emails which have these considerations at heart. We'll consider everything from image:text ratio to links in an email; the copy, the subject line, and the design and layout of the email itself are all important considerations when it comes to delivering emails to inboxes (and not junk folders). Our technical team will then test every email in more than 20 email clients to make sure we're delivering our message to the broadest possible audience.


6. We get emails opened

Getting an email opened isn't just about the subject line, but it clearly helps! That's why we'll test three or four different lines before rolling out the best one. We do this for every email, even a regular newsletter.

7. We get emails noticed

At Doner, we optimise for a broad platform of email Clients, including Lotus Notes. We know things won't always look exactly as the Creative Director would wish, but we work hard to drive a consistent look and feel across the more popular email platforms. We also stay on top of existing trends and constantly changing technologies.

It's this philosophy which enabled us to deliver a 2.5 fold increase in revenue for Jurys Inn hotels. By redesigning the email, coding it properly and making sure it would display in most email clients, we were able to deliver a truly engaging and successful campaign.

8. We get results

Our experience in eCRM has taught us many things. For example, open rates tell us very little in isolation and getting rid of poor data isn't just about improving core metrics like CTD, but also about driving delivery rates.

As an integrated agency we also understand the role of email within broader business objectives. That's why we ensure our emails work alongside offline campaigns, as well as other digital work.

To see our results and how they compare with the industry averages,
watch the 'email by numbers' video above.

The results

Here are some recent campaign highlights:


Jurys Inn

After talking through their aims for the coming year, we were asked to help Jurys Inn grow their eCRM database, drive more traffic to the website, and increase conversion rates.
Take a closer look at this project.



Although Nikon already had an email program in place, the task was to take the eCRM program to the next level, proving its worth as a key channel for communicating with customers.
Take a closer look at this work.



Pearson is the world's leading education company. Doner were assigned to manage Pearson's email newsletter programme and asked specifically to improve results.
Take a closer look at the program.

Go on, test us

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