Doner Environmental Policy

Everyone doing their bit

Doner feels quite strongly about the environment and is playing its part to help shape a better future. We have prepared this statement to detail our commitment to continuous improvement in this area.

Doner pays consideration to the care of the community to which we belong. We minimise any impact our activities may have locally by participating in recycling schemes, and actively encourage both our staff and clients not to print documents unless absolutely necessary.

Our staff have been trained when leaving the office to ensure all computers, monitors, peripheral devices and desk lighting are switched off instead of being left on stand-by.

We help our staff to work from home when and where appropriate, reducing carbon-emissions or congestion.

As a business we encourage the use of renewable energy sources, and the use of efficient electrical products including energy-efficient light bulbs.

We strive to be a truly paperless office, making use of email wherever possible. Our next step will be to replace printed invoices with electronic copies, reducing our postal mail to almost zero. We actively encourage our clients to replace printed communications with email newsletters.

This policy is reviewed annually at our Annual General Meeting.