The history of Doner

Our story began in 1995...

  • We've gone through many changes - all for the better of course. Here's a simplified timeline of how Doner evolved in the UK
  • Managing Director, Andrew Hawkins merges GGK into the US-based agency, Doner, to establish Doner Cardwell Hawkins in London - giving Doner a presence in the UK. It also enabled Doner to establish an international HQ to co-ordinate global accounts.
  • Doner Cardwell Hawkins becomes a lead member of Interpartners, a global network of independent agencies.
  • Doner Cardwell Hawkins merges with Squeeze Digital to become DCH - making DCH one of the few truly integrated agencies in the UK.
  • DCH establishes an in-house media department.
  • Due to growth on both sides of the Atlantic, and an increasing reliance upon shared expertise, the management team in London align the business and rebrand as Doner.