• Chrysler

    Doner works with Chrysler in the UK and the US; in the UK our work extends across TV, print and online, and the launch of a new positioning for the Chrysler brand.

  • Fuller's

    This was our first ever client, way back when we opened our doors in 1995, and launched the 'Whatever you do, take Pride' campaign. They were very welcome then and are very welcome now.

  • Nikon

    Our print campaign helped Nikon regain the digital high ground with the critical pro-am audience. Our 'A lot happens...' commercial did the same thing to the snap happy, point 'n' shoot COOLPIX audience. And through email and social media we're developing a new generation of Nikon loyalists.

  • Alfa Romeo

    Our work for Alfa Romeo includes all TV and press running in the UK and Ireland and includes an online fleet marketing campaign with Peter Jones.

  • Wiltshire Farm Foods

    Doner's work for Wiltshire Farm Foods sees Ronnie Corbett fronting the campaign on TV, press and direct mail.

  • Pearson

    Our Big Vocational Debate helped to combat the undervalued presence of vocational training within the education system. The success of this led to BTEC's new 'Stronger and more relevant than ever' press and online campaign.

  • Discovery Foods

    We've been working hard to promote Discovery Foods' range of Mexican separates to show consumers that Mexican food is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  • D-Link

    The digital home is not a vision of the future, it's a fact of today. Our work for D-Link covers the UK, Europe and more recently the US.

  • Invisalign

    We work with Invisalign to promote their invisible dental aligners in the UK and Europe, and across B2B and B2C markets.

  • Saint Agur

    We always relish a new addition to our client roster, especially one as tasty as this. Our recent work for Saint Agur included advertorials within food publications encouraging people to try a new blue.

  • DuPont

    Our 'My Life Story' campaign tells the story of clothes and furniture that have been protected by Teflon. Yes, you can live well and look good.*

    *This is true of fabrics but not, alas, of faces. Yet.

  • Jurys Inn

    We manage all eCRM on behalf of Jurys Inn hotels.

  • Wella

    Our work for P&G includes Spotify advertising for Wella Shockwaves.

  • COI


    The Travel Code on behalf of The Welsh Assembly. An interactive website, and a wealth of downloadable material for teachers, covering all the age groups.

  • Football League

    We've been working with the Football League on a number of projects, one of which is a promotional microsite celebrating the 50th anniversary of what is now the Carling Cup.

  • Jaxx

    In 2010 we launched the irreverent chocolate brand in the UK - using online only!

  • Lexmark

    Back in 2008 we launched Lexmark's 'Print Less Save More' campaign in the US and Europe, online, offline, and in store.